Our Work

Our Work and Approaches We use

We see it as our job to meet people where they are at when referred. We believe that each person is their own expert and it is their responsibility to bring about change in their lives. We see it as our job to provide support and guidance. This means using a blend of different approaches while working with each person. 

These include: 

Solution Focussed Approach: Supporting a person to identify what it is they are already doing to help them cope while looking to further develop the things they are good at. 

Motivational Interviewing: Identifying with each person the stage of change s/he is at in their life and what stage they would like to be at. Work then focusses on bridging the gap.

Restorative Practices: Supporting each person to understand just how their behaviour is affecting people, taking responsibility for this and working with those they have harmed (where appropriate).

The Outcome Star tool: is used with each person and their key worker to record, prepare Action Plans and measure change in key areas of each person's life.   

Trauma Informed Care: recognises the presence of trauma symtoms and acknowledges the role trauma may play in an individual's life