Prison Work

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Treo's Outreach worker visits the prisons in Ireland that hold people aged 16 to 23 who will eventually return to Waterford on their release. Once we learn from the Irish Prison Service, Probation Service or IASEO that a person has been committed to prison we begin our Reintegration Work. The person is visited by Treo staff and an Action Plan is agreed and activated to support that person while in prison i.e. addiction, physical & mental health, prison education/training/employment supports.

We believe that each individual's post release plan should be developed and activated as soon as practical to continue the work undertaken during imprisonment and to better meet the needs of the person and their family on release i.e. accommodation, family, addiction, physical & mental health, further education/training &/or employment supports.

Independent living & Community reintegration supports are provided on release and dictated by each individual's needs.

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