We provide QQI accredited programmes which are all recognised as part of the National Framework of Qualifications. Our programmes below all lead to a QQI Level 3 or Level 4  award

General Learning

– QQI Level 3 Minor

– QQI Level 4 Major

Small Plant Four Stroke Engine Maintenance – Garden Equipment

– QQI Level 3 Minor

Crime Awareness

– QQI Level 3 Minor

It is the policy of the Treo Port Lairge CLG to ensure that all individuals are able to enter and successfully participate on a programme in pursuit of their learning

It is our policy to ensure:

1. Information on access, transfer and progression is provided to all
individuals and fully explained in an appropriate manner

2. Arrangements for entering a programme are clear

3. Applicants are treated in a fair and consistent manner and in
accordance with relevant equality legislation

4. Decisions made on the allocation of places on programmes are

5. A copy of the local training specification is provided to all individuals
outlining the programme content, structure, duration and including
transfer and progression options.

6. The award offered on the programme is clearly explained to the
individual and a statement of knowledge, skill and competence is
provided as a basis for successful participation

7. The transfer and progression procedures are explained to individuals
as part of the in-take process

8. Treo Portlaige has an agreement with the WWETB to support our learners complete their learning within the National Framework of Qualifications, should Treo no longer offer QQI accredited programmes