Ce Scheme

Meet the CE Scheme Team

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Denise Healy

Call on : 085 878 0366

CE Supervisor

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Mary Loughrey

Call on : 085 866 8421

Assistant CE Supervisor

The purpose of Treo’s CE scheme is to support each participant develop their own personal, social, training and work related skills to enable progression towards full participation within their own community and working life.

CE Scheme Requirements

  • Age of Entry is 18 years of age.
  • Referral is made from local drug workers and probation services

CE Scheme Specifications

  • Every participant on the CE scheme has their own individual learner plan which identifies their learning goals and charts progress. This plan is jointly agreed between supervisor and learner. 
  • Participants learn at their own pace and record their own achievements including accredited learning.
  • Participants are eligible for up to 3 years participation on Treos special community employment scheme.